Yahoo ‘to buy Tumblr for $1.1bn’

Yahoo’s board has approved a deal to buy New York-based blogging service Tumblr for $1.1bn (£725m), US media reports say.

The acquisition is expected to be announced as early as Monday.

Once more I have done it again; signed up for a service and in a matter of days learn it is to be acquired.  I did the precise thing with posterous just before Twitter purchased them and ran it into the ground.

One wonders what Yahoo plans to do with this mini-social network that is weighed down by a lot of adult content that is just very hard to monetize with advertising.

The news is that they are going to continue running it as is, but that is only going to last for so long.  I have no doubt that Marissa Mayer has plans for what she is going to be doing with Tumblr.

This acquisition was a little surprise for the industry, as all the buzz has been around the intense talks with Hulu to purchase them for a $1bn.   A much more complicated deal as you are really buying all the licensing agreements with the major TV/movie studios.

Is all this consolidation into a handful of big operators (Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon) a good thing for us consumers or not?

Yahoo ‘to buy Tumblr for $1.1bn’

NetworkSolutions – is there any real point of them?

I have been a loyal user of NetworkSolutions for near on 10 years. At my usage peak I had well over a 100 domains managed through them.  However, of late I have been slowly transferring blocks of them over to GoDaddy.  Why?

Simple.  Their user interface is an abortion of Web2,0 magnitude.  Too many upsells, too confusing, most importantly, it doesn’t work half the time!

Couple all of that with the fact their pricing is one of the most expensive in the domain space, why would people still continue to spend money with them?

I know it can be a pain and hassle to transfer domains, but that shouldn’t stop you.   How many people are with NetworkSolutions because they want to be, versus, those that can’t be bothered with the hassle of transferring to another provided?

To illustrate the point, I have just transferred a to GoDaddy for $0 for the year.  Just saved $72 in the space of 5 minutes.

Free Yourself from Conventional Thinking

An excellent piece on what it means to break away from the conventional wisdom and stop repeating the same tasks.  

If your company tells you that they will get it next year and this year it’s too late, then stop and challenge.   Was that the attitude the year before?  What about the year before that?

Free Yourself from Conventional Thinking


Fractured Prune Donuts #lancaster #donuts #powerrings

Lancaster, PA

3 out of 5 on the donut scale

One of our chaps brought in 3 boxes of wonderful doughnuts which is just the sort of thing you need to power through the mornings worth of meetings.   Development is not always cutting code.

Dying Careers and their alternatives

Fascinating list this, particular when they advise that instead of going into semi-conductors you may want to look at Database Administration instead. Where is the relationship to semi-conductors?   You may as well said “Sheep Herding” – which incidentally is my own pipe-dream should this computer game finish.

Dying Careers and their alternatives

Tumblr Engineering: Open Source – Memcache Top


We rely on memcache pretty heavily at Tumblr, with over 10TB of cache memory available across the stack. One of the things we’ve historically had a challenging time with at Tumblr is finding hot keys. A hot key is a memcache key getting dramatically more activity than other keys….

I do love a good scaling story.  Hardware these days is so cheap that solutions such as a 10TB memory cache is achievable without a relatively large cost.  Cloud computing has opened up the possibilities for people to really push the limits of what is possible.

Tumblr Engineering: Open Source – Memcache Top