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IT Director not impressed with new CTO Should precipitate your balls shrinking along with your pressence

CEO on his walkaround the dev team stop me again whilst i am walking and i’ll cut your fucking jacobs off

We need an Oracle Developers license It isn’t much but here is 10 large to help the situation

Our DevOps hasn’t been seen for a few days where did you lose him? he ain’t a set of fucking car keys is he?

Our CTO is on a rant about his new vision Give me that squeaky toy, it shut him up the last time

Ask our DBA how it works, make him open up It’s not a fucking tin of baked beans, what do you mean open him up?

I am concerned about node.js; what if someone updates another module? Don’t think i haven’t thunk about that one Tommy

The QA team remind the dev they still exist Still warm, the blood that courses through my veins

Product group explains their new vision did you understand a single word of what he said?

As a valued user we would love to get your input on our UI You’re a snake in the grass ain’t you? Where’d that come from?