Back to the Future (1985)

What more can be written about this masterpiece?  30 years old this year and this movie simply does not age.  As fresh and as thrilling as the day it was first shown.  Even the DeLorean is not aging after 30 years still looking futuristic.  

Living out in the Scottish sticks, I did not get the opportunity to see this movie on the large screen the first time around.  In fact, the first time I seen it was in 1990 when I as at university and we rented this on VHS.  I fell in love the instant Marty was blown back by the huge amplifier.

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to right a terrible wrong, and at midnight witnessed the beauty of this story on the silver screen at the local cinema here in Richmond.  Seeing this with a large group of people, whooping, shouting and cheering was an absolute joy.  My only criticism of this experience was that it made the movie feel very short.

A couple of months I finished the excellent book on the making of the trilogy, which was a wonderful insight into a lot of stuff I had never even known – and I pride myself on knowing a LOT about the adventures of Doc and Marty.


On the surface, this story of teenage incest, high school bullying and age inappropriate relationships should have us in disgust.  Yet we seem to skip past all of that and enjoy what is the ultimate (and yes flawed in places) time travelling story.

Just the thought of playing out that teenage fantasy, what were my parents like at high school? is just too juicy a concept not to explore fully.   Would you actually like them?  Would you get on with them?  Would you think them cool?

All of these concepts and more are explored in this movie (and the two subsequent movie followups).

The movie just keeps getting better on each watch.  Every time invested you will be rewarded with a new nugget of discovery.  Just keep your eyes open and watch for the subtle queues, in various background signs, posters and props.   You think you are watching the same scene again (time travel is like that) but you aren’t, there are changes.

If you haven’t seen this movie this year, then treat yourself.  You deserve it.


Viewing Date
Friday, 11th September 2015


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