The Little Mermaid (1989)

One of the more whimsical Disney outings the Little Mermaid is now, after 26 years, firmly concreted as a classic.  With signature tunes, such as Under the Sea and Kiss the Girl it still gets my foot tapping.

What is interesting about this particular Disney cartoon, for me at least, is that it is the first Disney animation that I watched as an adult when it first came out.  Up to this point, every other outing could be considered a childs movie for a child.

The story itself is harmless enough.  Spoiled teenage girl, growing up in a single parent household, with an overbearing protective father who doesn’t want her to grow up.  She gains the attention of a man, an much older man incidentally, who seduces her into a whole new world.  With the help of a scheming enemy of her fathers, she manipulates her way to get what she wants and is thrown into this new foreign world.

Father not too happy and goes off on one.

Throw in some musical numbers and you have yourself a great family movie about a very dysfunctional family.

Ach … Disney movies shouldn’t be looked beyond the surface.  Just let yourself go and be seduced with a fairy tale.

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Viewing Date
Saturday, 28th November 2015 (Orlando)


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Frozen (2013)

Let it go, Let it go, can’t hold it back any more!

Feels right, that while I am in Disney World, I should be watching this movie as part of my series. I will confess the journey to this movie for me wasn’t your conventional path.   I came to this one very late.  In fact, I came to it only because of my youngest son, doing a parody of the Elsa ‘cold didn’t bother me anyway’ strut.  So because of that, I had to explore the song to which he was inspired from and found the iconic Let it Go.

I was hooked.  It then took me a long time before I actually watched the movie.  Small confession time.  I went to Disney World in Orlando back in August, and watched the Frozen stage show before I had actually seen the movie.   So to say I was late to the Frozen party is an under statement.

I then watched this movie for the first time, with my youngest back in August.  It was cute and fun to watch it through the eyes of a 9 year old boy.

However, fast forward a few months, here I watch it without the wonderment of a 9 year old.

The movie is okay.  The songs are okay, apart from the classic, Let it go.  The overall movie I personally find to be adequate but no where near as good as say The Lion King.   The Lion King was more than just a single song, which I fear Frozen suffers from.    Sure there are some excellent ‘b’ sides, but take away Let it go and would the rest of them stand on their own?  I doubt it.

While this movie is Disney’s (and the worlds) most successful animation, I rate it #3 behind Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

Now that said, I am huge Let it go fan.  I love Elsa and find her as erotic as you can find an animated character to be (we will talk about the Disney Hercules singers at a later date).

So all in all, great movie, some what loses it after the big number is played.

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Viewing Date
Friday, 27th November 2015 (Orlando)


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Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

When will I learn?  How much pain should one go through before I realize that

Adam Sandler movies, no matter the format, should be avoided at all costs?  Though in my defense I wasn’t aware this one was voiced and written by him.  This movie was at the request of my 9 year old who found the first one funny and wanted to see the second one.   Just to be clear, he thought this was bombed big time and wasn’t at all worthy of the first one.

The reason I will hold to his recommendation here is because I will confess to falling asleep halfway through it and waking up, only to discover I still had a good 20 minutes to endure before the end.  /sigh/

This is a Sony Animation production, and believe me, you aren’t going to forget that fact.  I have never seen product placement as gratuitous as this particular in animation movies.   Three main moments popped up, that added little to the story, but gave opportunity to have Sony products embedded.

Now this isn’t a rendered Sony Vaio laptop, or Sony phone, or Sony large screen TV.  No, this is the actual device, with logos very prominent, sticking out like a sore thumb against the usual animated environment.  Crass.

If you watch the trailer of this one, then you are pretty much caught up in the all ‘funny’.  There isn’t more to add by actually sitting down and watching this title.  Hell it isn’t even worth the bandwidth to download it illegally, should you be so desired to skip the local multiplex.

I think I have learned my lesson now, Adam Sandler was funny in the early part of his career, but he’s long since lost that gift.  I will admit the Pixels movie was nearly okay, but titles like The Cobbler (which I am not going to rewatch as part of this movie review series) illustrates that he’s truly lost it.

Oh well.


Viewing Date
Monday, 19th October 2015


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