Death at a Funeral (2007)

This is as near perfect as you can get for a quirky British comedy.  It is all the right ingredients, a very believable setup, ordinary characters in an extraordinary situation, wit, and sarcasm. Dean Craig who wrote this wonderful little hit, proves if he sets his mind to it he can produce comedic gold.  However when he lets slip, what we end up, is something completely at the other end of the scale, with A Few Best Men.  /shudders/ So the setup here is wonderfully simple. We have a funeral, of a beloved father, at the family home.  It gets kicked … Continue reading Death at a Funeral (2007)

Ted 2 (2015)

I was nearly a fan of the first outing with the talking bear, that we know and love as Ted.  The premise was a nice gimmick on the genre usually reserved for the likes of Disney, bringing life and character to an animal.  But by stepping away from the family audience and going straight to the adult world, you open up to a lot more crude humour. Ted 2 continues where we left off, with Ted now happily married and looking to have a baby.  However, he has to be officially and legally recognized as a person before he can … Continue reading Ted 2 (2015)

Sam Whiskey (1969)

This another one of those movies that only hit your radar if you find yourself couch bound, ill and you are at the mercy of the day time TV programming.  This is exactly how this little comedy western hit my radar when I was much younger.   Burt Reynolds plays a very ‘Maverick’ like character who is hired by a beautiful widow to retrieve sunken gold bars from the bottom of a lake. The beautiful widow is played by Angie Dickinson who is in a very suggestive sexual role.  There is a couple of scenes she is trying to persuade Reynolds to … Continue reading Sam Whiskey (1969)

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

This period of cinema was a golden age for a young boy growing up who was fascinated with cars and the first ever social network, the good old CB radio.   How many of you like me, pretended to be the Bandit or the Rubber Duck when out on their bikes?   I even had a CB radio in my bedroom and would talk to the truckers doing the Ireland-Europe route as they drove past the 5 mile radio my biscuit tin setup would reach.  Happy days. Burt Reynolds defines the genre wonderfully with his first outing as the Bandit, in … Continue reading Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

About Time (2013)

Richard Curtis strikes gold once again with his time traveling romantic comedy.  In the same vein as Love Actually / Noting Hill / Four Weddings, About Time stands shoulder to shoulder with Curtis’s other outings.  This one however does not star Hugh Grant, though, the lead, Domhnall Gleeson (son of Brendan) does his best Hugh Grant impression throughout, so his spirit is still there. The time traveling aspect isn’t ironically the central theme, but instead a mechanism to let us explore some of life’s major decisions, wondering what would have happened if you made a different choice. Tim (Gleeson) when he is … Continue reading About Time (2013)

In the Loop (2009)

How do you describe Malcolm Tucker to the world?  How do you describe a fowl mouth, intimidating, shouty Scottish government spin doctor in a way that properly articulates the side splitting humor?    In the Loop, is a movie derived from the very popular BBC TV series, The Thick of It, from  Armando Iannucci (he who is behind the HBO series VEEP). Peter Capaldi (yes, Doctor Who) is Malcolm Tucker, who finds himself attempting to stave off an International joint war invasion when one of his British ministers slips up on a radio interview proclaiming war is inevitable.  The Americans latch on … Continue reading In the Loop (2009)