Buffer – Customer Service Award

Buffer.com go over and above to deliver an excellent customer service even for a free user.

I just wanted to call out the good people at Buffer for excellent customer service and not necessarily chasing the dollar.  Buffer is an great add-on for Twitter (though other social media platforms are available too) for optimizing your posting on Twitter.  It figures out when the optimal time for tweeting is for you and your readers and then posts your tweets on that schedule.

The service comes in free and professional.  When signing up you get professional, then after 14 days it reverts to free.  No problems.  The professional version is $100 a year, which to be honest, I am not that big a tweeter that I can really justify that extra cost.  I don’t get any more features that I would use.  So the free platform is fine for me.

However, they will nag you to keep signing up for the professional version.  It was fine for the first few times, but it really started to get obnoxious and started to leave a bad taste in my mouth for Buffer.  After a week of this, I lost it, and emailed their support to say, great service, but the nagging, please stop!   The reply I got back made my day.

Hey there, Alan,

I’m so sorry for the headache we created there with our popup. I can totally see how inconvenient that would be an I apologize for the hassle we created there. I’ve removed the pesky pop-up for you so it shouldn’t bother you when you log into Buffer.

Apologies again for giving you such a poor experience. We’d love to give you a better one going forward, so please let us know if we can help with anything else that comes up as you go!


Kudos to Buffer.  They didn’t have to do that, I am after all a free loader on their service.  I may upgrade at a later date if I find myself needing more.  Who knows.

At least though I am still in the game with them and got a good taste in my mouth.

ps if you are not using Buffer and tweet a lot, then I highly recommend their mobile app; makes retweeting and sharing links a breeze and all queued up to go off at the optimal time.