NetworkSolutions – is there any real point of them?

I have been a loyal user of NetworkSolutions for near on 10 years. At my usage peak I had well over a 100 domains managed through them.  However, of late I have been slowly transferring blocks of them over to GoDaddy.  Why?

Simple.  Their user interface is an abortion of Web2,0 magnitude.  Too many upsells, too confusing, most importantly, it doesn’t work half the time!

Couple all of that with the fact their pricing is one of the most expensive in the domain space, why would people still continue to spend money with them?

I know it can be a pain and hassle to transfer domains, but that shouldn’t stop you.   How many people are with NetworkSolutions because they want to be, versus, those that can’t be bothered with the hassle of transferring to another provided?

To illustrate the point, I have just transferred a to GoDaddy for $0 for the year.  Just saved $72 in the space of 5 minutes.

Author: Alan Williamson

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