Kill Me Three Times (2014)

This popped up on Netflix and I will confess to not knowing about this Simon Pegg comedy thriller he made last year in Australia.   It isn’t the best of his output and one can’t help but feeling he was lending his name and box office draw to this rather low budget local country movie.

The gist of the movie has Pegg as a hitman that witnesses a couple who is attempting to kill someone off and he gets in on the action, hoping to get the insurance money himself.   Being Australian, we have the usual cameo from their very own veteran dignitary, Bryan Brown of Cocktail fame, who is wheeled out of retirement to give some meat to this rather lame effort.

Sadly it fails to deliver on a number of fronts, no funny lines and no specific scene that has you reaching for the rewind button.  If I didn’t know it was being billed as a comedy, I would have been convinced I was watching a series thriller.

Best to avoid unless your Netflix queue is completely empty.


Viewing Date
Thursday, 20th August 2015



Author: Alan Williamson

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