A Few Best Men (2011)


Olivia Newton-John, what were you thinking when you signed up for this script?  What is an actress of your gravitas and legendary status doing in this disaster of a movie that invokes memories of the Sex lives of the Potato Men with its below toilet humor.   Tell me there was a nasty tax bill you had to find some cash for and this was the best option next to selling off signed memorabilia?

This movie came with a great pedigree with writer Dean Craig who penned the excellent Death at a Funeral
farce (coincidentally also staring

Kris Marshall).  In other words there is simply no excuse for this train wreck of a movie.

Being made in Australia, we have the usual Australian thespians rolled out in various cameo roles to try and convince us this movie is better than it is.  If you are someone that is convinced Clark Kent and Superman are two completely different people after he puts on the glasses, then you are going to love the plot twists and happy situations these group of people get themselves into.  If on the other hand you are not fooled by that clever disguise, then you are going to see everything coming as if you had written the script yourself.

There simply is nothing funny or amusing about this movie.  We have a sheep that eats the local drug lord condom filled cocaine, that then of course results in the group deciding to feed the prize sheep with laxatives and then inserting their arm elbow deep to extract said packets.   Oh how we laughed.

We have our wonderful 1970′s Sandy, taking a line of cocaine and proceeding to make a fool of herself in the wedding (to which the whole story is based around).  You can actually see her dignity dying, live, on screen.

We have

Pitch Perfect’s Fat Amy, Rebel Wilson, playing the fat (pretending to be a lesbian to piss her father off) sister.  Even her scenes, cannot save this utter waste of everyone’s time.   She doesn’t even look interested as she delivers her lines.

The only good thing I can honestly say about this movie, it does eventually end, 90 minutes later.  The torture does stop and while I was willing to give up on the movie 20 minutes into it, I was determined to stick it out to the bitter end.  I had to prove to myself I could handle this much pain.

If you really want to watch this movie, then do yourself a favour, watch the trailer and extrapolate from the 2 minutes, because the other 88 minutes you are missing out on, will offer no more clarity or entertainment.


Viewing Date
Sunday, 23rd August 2015


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