Black Sea (2014)

Jude Law heads up this rag tag crew of submariners, that lease an old Russian sub, to go and find some lost World War 2 gold in the Black Sea.  A sort of Kelley’s Heroes but underwater.

Robinson (Law) is an Aberdonian (Aberdeen, Scotland) is a veteran of the merchant seas recently sacked from his firm that he, and his crew, have devoted a significant amount of their careers to.  Without a job, they reluctantly take on a job, from a questionable source, to rescue sunken gold and reverse their fortunes.

Being in the Black Sea, and having to lease a Russian sub, they decide they need a crew half Russian, half British.  Already you can sense we’re being setup for a them and us confrontation at some point.


This movie is laced with cliched characters, each one playing the stereotype personality that rubs up and agonize one another.  But look beyond that, instead embrace that predictability and enjoy the story and the gritty drama that these group find themselves as they retrieve the gold.  In reality this crew would never be this dysfunctional – but that would make for a very dull story.

Jude Law plays the elder seasoned lead extremely well and he feels at ease in this role.  Sadly the movie didn’t do terribly well in the box office, with only a limited run, and was a effectively a straight to video release.   It wasn’t at all publicized so is it any wonder no one really knows about this little gem.

But seek it out and give it an airing.

Hunt for Red October this is not but a good yarn nonetheless.


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Monday, 21st September 2015


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Author: Alan Williamson

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