Tequila Sunrise (1988)

There are some movies that you remember fondly, sparking memories of the time, but yet, after a re-watch nearly 25 years you wonder what it was about the first outing that made it seem a classic.

We have Mac (Mel Gibson) the drug dealer who is trying to go straight, even though his oldest best friend, Nick (Kurt Russell) the detective who sometimes steps over the line is trying to nail him.  They both come into contact with the local resturant owner Jo Ann (Michelle Pfeiffer).  Jo Ann falls for Mac, while Nick attempts to get close to her to have her inform on Mac.

It is all very confusing at times.   Then we have Carlos (Rula Julia) who plays the drug buyer that Mac has been dealing with for years wanting one last deal.  But Mac is concerned that Carlos is going to get caught because he knows he is being watched continually.   The plot twist here with Carlos can be seen a mile off, and why I didn’t see it 25 years ago is still a mystery – I was more innocent then!

The movie is setup with so many 1980’s cliches you could make a drinking game out of it.   We have Kurt Russell with his greased back hair with black shades, playing the rebel detective throwing things against authority.  Mel Gibson, the trying to be reformed criminal complete with kid that he wants to impress.  There is one particular scene near the end of the movie when they find themselves down at the dock.  Of course it is all foggy adding that extra noir look to a scene that feels so forced.  /rolls eyes/

Robert Towne wrote and directed this one.  The master of the Mission Impossible movies and Chinatown, you would expect a lot more.  Never mind.  This one falls under the bucket of, don’t revisit.  Let the memory of the first time live on.  Much like watching the original A-Team series, don’t, just never look back.


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Wednesday, 30th September 2015


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