Jurassic World (2015)

Here we go again with the CGI dinosaurs 22 years from the first outing.  This time we have a brand new theme park that is built upon the old Jurassic Park location.  So plenty of opportunity to have the odd nod back to the original movie, complete with buildings named after the late John Hammond (Richard Attenborough).

The story is pretty much the same, the messing around with DNA has created a beast of such magnitude that no one ever predicted it was going to out of control <yawn>.   Really people, you have had 3 movies to try and figure out this stuff never ends well.

Now with all that said, the movie has a surprising fresh feel with a very modern and high tech look.  The park has a feel of DisneyWorld or Universal Studios and some nice touches that I suspect we’ll see in the real Jurassic areas in the Universal parks.   Though on that front, this movie may take the prize for the most amount of product placement.  We aren’t just talking logos or product placements.  There is one pivotal scene that has the lead actively engaged with Verizon mobile executives about the discussion of a sponsored dinosaur.

Ron Howards daughter, 

Bryce Dallas Howard, plays the female lead to 

Chris Pratt male lead.  No surprise they start off hostile, but end up getting it on at the end.  I don’t think I have given up any major plot there.

The problem here is that this is more of a nostalgic journey than a dive into a whole new story with new animals.  There is only so many chase sequences and dinosaur-sniffing-around-corners you can do.  One of the silliest parts is when the whole crew go racing through the forest chasing a pack of dinosaurs, on motorbikes and 4x4s.   Yet not one of them are bouncing around .. was there a complete tarmac road underneath all that green?

Overall a great movie to watch if the movie you were going for wasn’t available, but nothing terribly new or exciting to rush towards as your primary source of entertainment.

This 4th movie won’t be the last one, they have set it up nicely that we are definitely coming back to the island in the next few years.  Woo hoo?


Viewing Date
Saturday, 3rd October 2015


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