Galaxy Quest (1999)

This is one of those movies that creeps up on you over the years.  While not an instant hit at the box office on its arrival, it has attained cult status as we learn to appreciate some of the in-jokes and references to the science fiction convention sub culture.

The basic premise of the story is simple; you have a bunch of TV stars who are still trading on their successful TV series that aired many years previous.  They drag themselves, be grudgingly, to the various conventions to meet the fans.   Naturally this is a complete parody on the Star Trek franchise, which is what makes it even more fun.

At one particularly convention, they meet a real group of aliens, who mistakenly believe the TV show was real.  So with a wonderful series of classic mistaken identity, they both work together; with one group thinking they have the real space heroes coming to help them and the other group thinking they are part of another special fan convention albeit with serious special effects.

Tim Allen plays the Captain of the outfit, with 

Sigourney Weaver providing the female lead, with 

Alan Rickman and 

Tony Shalhoub rounding out the core crew.  Then we have the hilarious character from

Sam Rockwell who is really grasping at straws as he once appeared in an episode that when he got beamed down to a planet he was killed off. 

Anyone that has followed Star Trek or any other science fiction TV series will be very familiar with the setups and scenes.   This is not a parody but a good old fashioned comedy with a wonderful inherited back story.

This movie falls into that wonderful “oh well since i am here” category.  You know the type, you never put it on specifically but if you find it on TV already started, you will happily sit down and give it your full attention.   Time never wasted.


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Sunday, 4th October 2015


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