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Where do you even begin with this train wreck of a romantic comedy?   Though, if we look at it as infomercial for how fit and trim 

Guy Pearce is then we have a winner.

So the setup is around a private fitness center run by the aforementioned Mr Pearce.   He, Trevor, is very passionate about his mission statement that getting fit is more than just the physical body.  He has big dreams for his method.   His most trusted employee, is Kat (Cobie Smulders yes her our of the Avengers movie) who is happy to take home calls, smoke weed, and not live the life style as pure as what Trevor may want.

Of course we need a protagonist, which comes in the shape of a newly inherited millionaire, Danny (Kevin Corrigan) who wishes to be able to take a punch.  Danny has Kat come around to his large brand new empty home to train him, but as the time goes by, he is drawn to her and starts to woe her.

Kat has other desires and wants to get it on with Trevor, who at first isn’t interested, blah blah blah, I have already lost interest.  It truly is that bad.  Danny for a start, just walks around like stoned out zombie.  At first it is funny, but it wears thin very quickly.

There are some funny moments, and for the two of them, you can watch the trailer.  Given what Pearce has done in his past, this is something that was obviously just a paycheck.   As for why Smulders signed up for this, maybe she seen this as her big break from the Marvel franchise.  Big mistake, the Avengers are calling you back.

Not worth the time or effort, and while it plods along, if someone told you it was a serious drama, you could believe it more than it was a romantic comedy.   It is a romantic comedy with out the comedy and none of the romance.

Could have been so much better.


Viewing Date
Monday, 5th October 2015


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