Terminator Genisys (2015)

Can you believe this is my 50th movie review in this movie-a-day-for-a-year series?  What a better way to mark this milestone with a good old fashioned post-Governor Arnie terminator romp?

We can all agree that the first Terminator, from James Cameron, out 31 years ago, truly set the standard and put Arnold into the big league movie stars.  There has been a number of reboots of this series, including a rather poor effort of a TV series, but none have captured the real thrill the first one delivered on our screens.

So since giving up his Californian Governing duties, Arnold is restarting his movie career, doing a number of actually that wasn’t too bad outings.   It was with a natural dose of fear when I heard that he was attached to the latest Terminator outing.  I hope he isn’t simply picking up a paycheck for this.


The good news … he wasn’t.  The movie is little like the second Back To The Future movie when they revisited the first one but from different angles.  This follows a similar format, when John Connor sends his ‘father’ back again, to help and warn his mother, Sarah Connor, but this time, she has help already, in the guise of Arnold.

Sarah Connor is played by Emilia Clarke (yes, dragon lady from Game of Thrones) and it is so weird to watch her with our pure blond hair, and well, her clothes on!   She does a fantastic job in this movie and plays off of Arnold very naturally.

The humor is spot on, the pace is fast and the story line actually quite interesting.  We’ve got the usual major CGI set pieces that light up the screen, but don’t feel too out of character of what the movie is.

All in all, a surprisingly good romp after my expectations where set so low.


Viewing Date
Wednesday, 7th October 2015


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