Z for Zachariah (2015)

Post nuclear war and very few human survivors are left.  We open up with Ann (Margot Robbie) taking various things from an abandoned town in her radiation suit.  She then walks out far enough into the country and gets rid of the suit – clearly setting up that there is an area that for some reason is not bathed in radiation.

She goes about her lonely existence, when she happens upon John (Chiwetel Ejiofor) who is living out of a trailer and she rescues him from taking a shower in a radiated waterfall.

They of course do the usual song’n’dance of trust and caring for him etc then he decides he can build an electric generator to give them electricity, except he wants to use the church as raw materials.   Ann, not so keen on this, being a god fearing woman whose father preached there.  So stale mate, with John respecting her decision on this.

Movie plods along at a woefully slow pace until another man pops up, Caleb (Chris Pine). Caleb is a lot sexier than John but no where near as practical.  Ann is conflicted.  Brains or beauty.  Agony of choice.  Though one wonders, in a world where you may be the only 3 people left, just have a menage a trois?  little threesome sex would have picked this movie up a lot!

Pace does not pick up at all here and still plods on with no real drama or tension.  The trailer makes this movie seem far more interesting than it actually is.   Then it ends.   Just ends.   It’s as if the movie makers decided, enough is enough, just stop it now.  End this pain for everyone.

Simply awful movie with no real purpose and long lingering camera shots of characters thinking, deep in thought.


Viewing Date
Tuesday, 6th October 2015


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Author: Alan Williamson

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