Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

This absolute gem of a movie from the very talented

Mike Myers broke the mold when it came to parodies.  In fact to call this a parody is being disingenuous, because this movie stands on its own two feet, even if you don’t know all the back references to the early James Bond outings.

Playing the British super swinging 1960′s super agent that is then frozen only to be thawed out in modern times, we have much room for comedy with him getting to grips to a society where free loving is no longer tolerated.

Though, watching this with a nod to Mr Connery as James Bond, there are some very clever references, from his super hairy ‘sexy?’ chest hair to the naming of some of the side characters – Random Task aka Oddjob and the very clever Alotta Fagina instead of Pussy Galore.

But if playing one character and introducing so many new pop culture phrases (oh behave) wasn’t enough we have Myers taking on the role of his nemesis Dr Evil, a bald headed Spectre type character in the style of Donald

Pleasence as Blofeld.

Keep an eye out for the eye watering sh exchange between Dr Evil and his son, Scott.  I have seen that so many times, yet never gets old.  It is fair to say that Dr Evil steals the show, with his exasperated hench men and trying to get ‘evil’ stuff done – I am the boss, need the info.

Speaking of keeping an eye out for wee things, there is a scene where Austin Powers is in disguise as they try to get into Dr Evil’s factory, and he’s dressed up as an Indian Guru … an early nod to The Love Guru maybe?

The movie goes along at a wonderful pace with some great supporting characters.  While this is not my favourite Mike Myers comedy, that honor goes to So I Married an Axe Murderer, it is definitely in second place.

It is also a good family movie to enjoy with some young ones, who will love some of the silly scenes, with the sexual jokes going over their heads with them none the wiser as to why your laughing your head off.

Be careful though, after being reminded of all the catch phrases, you will find yourself dropping them into conversation for the next few days afterwards.

Yeah baby, Yeah


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Friday, 9th October 2015


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