The Age of Adaline (2015)

This is a rather sweet romantic thriller built upon the premise that the leading the lady never ages after getting into a road accident in her early 20′s.   Therefore she never wants to fall in love because she knows she will out live any partner.   She also moves around a lot, both to avoid detection, but also to rekindle a new identity and for people not to become too suspicious that she is never aging.

So of course you know she is going to eventually find someone who she would love to tell her secret too and try and carve out a life with.  

Blake Lively plays Adaline, the main lead, who looks a dead ringer for a young Jane Seymour.

The person she falls in love with is Michiel Huisman playing Ellis.  Now he is introduced as a bit of a greepy character.  At first I thought he was going to do very bad things, and if he did indeed approach her like this in main life, I am sure she would run a mile from.

There is an interesting twist with a character from her past coming in which I won’t spoil but it is done in a very nice way.   This is when

Harrison Ford comes in, looking very stately.

The movie has a great story but is very light on details.  There is so much that could have been explored here and dive deeper into some of the problems forever staying young would be.  At first it sounds great, but there are a huge number of logistical problems that come along that would make it for a very sad story.

It is an okay movie, not an epic by any stretch, with a very predictable ending that you can see coming nearly at the start.


Viewing Date
Monday, 12th October 2015


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