Hotel Transylvania 2 (2015)

When will I learn?  How much pain should one go through before I realize that

Adam Sandler movies, no matter the format, should be avoided at all costs?  Though in my defense I wasn’t aware this one was voiced and written by him.  This movie was at the request of my 9 year old who found the first one funny and wanted to see the second one.   Just to be clear, he thought this was bombed big time and wasn’t at all worthy of the first one.

The reason I will hold to his recommendation here is because I will confess to falling asleep halfway through it and waking up, only to discover I still had a good 20 minutes to endure before the end.  /sigh/

This is a Sony Animation production, and believe me, you aren’t going to forget that fact.  I have never seen product placement as gratuitous as this particular in animation movies.   Three main moments popped up, that added little to the story, but gave opportunity to have Sony products embedded.

Now this isn’t a rendered Sony Vaio laptop, or Sony phone, or Sony large screen TV.  No, this is the actual device, with logos very prominent, sticking out like a sore thumb against the usual animated environment.  Crass.

If you watch the trailer of this one, then you are pretty much caught up in the all ‘funny’.  There isn’t more to add by actually sitting down and watching this title.  Hell it isn’t even worth the bandwidth to download it illegally, should you be so desired to skip the local multiplex.

I think I have learned my lesson now, Adam Sandler was funny in the early part of his career, but he’s long since lost that gift.  I will admit the Pixels movie was nearly okay, but titles like The Cobbler (which I am not going to rewatch as part of this movie review series) illustrates that he’s truly lost it.

Oh well.


Viewing Date
Monday, 19th October 2015


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