Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)

Hard to believe this movie is 21 years old, yet still as funny, sharp and clever as the first day it was viewed.  You wouldn’t think this would age terribly well but it is holding up extremely good.

Jim Carrey proved his comic genius when he burst onto the screen as Ace Ventura, the Columbo of the pet world.  Just as Mike Myers introduced many a catchphrase to the cultural lexicon with his Austin Powers, Carrey gives us a whole dose here too, Alllll righty then.   With a comedy routine that is more than just verbal routines, the physicality of Carrey adds to the whole persona of Ace Ventura.

The story centers around the kidnapping of an American football teams dolphin, a much beloved mascot that will be the key to the moral of the team for the upcoming Super Bowel.  We have a very young Courtney Cox (yes, Monica from Friends) aiding Ace as he uncovers and follows the clues reaching him to the final conclusion.

Each scene builds on the last as his outlandish personality steams through.  The one where is he is admitted to the local mental hospital to get to read confidential plans on an ex-patient is extremely clever and amusing.

You may have forgotten just how funny this one is, so it is worthy of throwing on upon one evening when you have nothing else to watch and just need to be in a mood of a laugh.

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Saturday, 31st October 2015 (Las Vegas, Venetian)


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