3 Days to Kill (2014)

Kevin Costner, obviously seeing how much of an action star Liam Neeson was turning into in his later years, was wanting some of that action.   Having a script from Mr Transporter himself (

Luc Besson ) we have Costner, a older CIA agent who finds himself dying.  He decides to reconnect with his ex wife and daughter who are living in Paris.

Of course it would pretty damn dull if this was the end of the story.  Of course not, and with a page straight out of the Neeson ‘Taken’ playbook, his family gets eventually in brawled with some international terrorists.

The actually story line to be frank isn’t that great or even important.  You don’t watch the Transporter series for the multi-dimensional character development.  No, you watch it for Statham driving a fast car.

Costner, not your usual action star, puts in a great performance being the slightly older, little out of shape, CIA agent that does some pretty darn impressive action scenes.   The dialogue as you would expect, is witty and timely architected for the scenes that wrap it up.

This is not a movie that had a whole lot of box office success, which is a shame, because it was truly a little masterpiece with an orthodox lead taking the helm.  Personally I enjoyed this movie, and a even with subsequent viewings still stands up.

#78 in the series


Viewing Date
Wednesday, 4th November 2015 (Richmond)


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