Trainwreck (2015)

I will confess to not running towards this movie with any great speed.  I had seen the trailers and it wasn’t turning me towards it.  But I was recommended to watch it by a friend, so threw it on, with very low expectations.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The lead Amy Schumer is a name I was unfamiliar with and I definitely didn’t know she was a stand up comedian.   The movie does the classic roles reversal routine, with her playing the maninizer!

The humour is extremely funny, and very adult/sex in nature, which made it quite refreshing.  With Schumer’s comedic ear, she has really put a lot of effort in making scenes really work without feeling strained.

Great wee movie, good drinking movie to watch with someone.

#84 in the series


Viewing Date
Tuesday, 10th November 2015 (Richmond)


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Author: Alan Williamson

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