Sam Whiskey (1969)

This another one of those movies that only hit your radar if you find yourself couch bound, ill and you are at the mercy of the day time TV programming.  This is exactly how this little comedy western hit my radar when I was much younger.   Burt Reynolds plays a very ‘Maverick’ like character who is hired by a beautiful widow to retrieve sunken gold bars from the bottom of a lake.

The beautiful widow is played by

Angie Dickinson who is in a very suggestive sexual role.  There is a couple of scenes she is trying to persuade Reynolds to take on the job, by seducing him with continuing amounts of sex.  Considering this was made in 1969 they pushed the boundaries of decency of what was allowed for the time, and you still have to do a double take to see if indeed you seen a Dickinson nipple or not!   for the record, you don’t!

The comedy in this movie is very genteel and gives us a hint of what Reynolds was going to be like nearly 10 years later when he started off his Smokey genre of movies.   You sometimes forgot how old an actor he is.

The movie has a great upbeat score that weaves throughout each scene.  No setup drags too long and is very pacy and enjoyable.

Solid outing for everyone. 

#91 in the series


Viewing Date
Tuesday, 17th November 2015 (Richmond)


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