Sunshine on Leith (2013)

I resisted this movie for a long time. A musical based on the songs of the Scottish twins, The Proclaimers.   It just sounded like it could be naff and I really didn’t their music spoiled.  However, I resisted, and with a due sense of caution and trepidation I pressed PLAY.

Within the first 5 minutes, I knew I was wrong in my reservations.  That feeling never ended until the credits rolled at the end.  This was a fantastic homage to the Proclaimers huge back catalog.   What Mamma Mia (another great movie) did for Abba this does for our Scottish boys.

The story centers around two lads coming back from the war zone and them settling back into normal civilian life, juggling family and romantic lives.  Of course it is Edinburgh, Scotland the story is set (Leith is an area of Edinburgh by the way). 

There isn’t a huge story line going here, just a series of small events that are tied together with some real toe-tapping, belting songs.   Some of the words have been slightly changed to fit the scenario, but by’n’large they are untouched and fit absolutely perfectly.

The cast is by’n’large unknown outside of Scotland, but we have

Dexter Fletcher taking the directors chair to make this stage version come to life on the silver screen.  He has done a fantastic job, including weaving in a cameo from the boys themselves without it feeling contrived.

This is one that will compete for my Mamma Mia time for sure.  That movie you reach for when you have maybe had a little too much to drink and you want a good sing’a’long for 90 minutes.

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Viewing Date
Monday, 16th November 2015 (Richmond)


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