Get Low (2009)

This was one of those Netflix finds, that with its heavy weight cast of

Robert Duvall and

Bill Murray should have popped up on my radar a lot sooner.  After watching it, there is a reason it didn’t pop up – it isn’t very good.

The story centers around Duvall’s character, a 1930′s Tennessee hermit who has lived by himself in near isolation for 40 years.  Apparently the story has a pixie dust sprinkling of truth but one shouldn’t look too closely for it.   As he’s getting to the end of his life, he realizes he hasn’t been the easiest to interact with.  So comes up with this idea to throw his own funeral while he is still alive.

His criteria for those coming, is to simply come along and share your stories about him.  Every interaction, however small, is game.  As an incentive, he runs a lottery, $5 entrant, puts you in the running for the draw for his estate when he dies.

Naturally he needs someone to help with this, and the local undertaker, Murray helps him with this endeavor.  Business is a little slow for him and his new understudy so he’s only too keen to help on this.

The story never really gets going.  It isn’t truly dramatic, nor is it comedic, it walks some where in-between.  You are left wondering if you should feel sorry for them or not, or if you should invest in the supporting characters.

The movie is not completely without its merits, but it isn’t something you would go running towards, but if you find it on, then take a seat and continue watching it.

#94 in the series


Viewing Date
Friday, 20th November 2015 (Richmond)


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