Gravity (2013)

Take a Sandra Bullock, throw in a little

George Clooney, bake in space for 90 minutes and you have an Oscar (7 of them!) winning combination.   The movie starts off with them fixing a satellite as part of a scheduled EVA.  They then get word of a Russian satellite that breaks up, sending debris at 22,000 mph toward them.

Naturally this rips through their mission, killing everyone but 2 from the shuttle and leaving them completely helpless above Earths atmosphere while they attempt to get themselves to the International Space Station.

The special effects in this one is simply, literally, out of this world.  The vast majority of the acting that Bullock and Clooney do is simply facial, as most of the time their bodies are CGI.  Yet it all flows flawlessly together without any effort at all.

The scenery with this reminds me of that time in Lord of the Rings, when they first visit Rivendell.  You want the camera to simply stop on that and give you the necessary time to take the beauty all in.   Gravity suffers the same.  There are so many times, you just want to hit pause, and get sucked into that world and admire all the beautiful views.   But the pace is fast and we don’t get time to appreciate the background as we should.

Gravity does a great job to remind us just how hostile space really is and the lengths humans have done to evolve to a point where we are moving around.  Space travel is not routine and even the smallest of problems can have dire consequences.

A great movie and another one that reminds us that Bullock is more of an actor than some of her awful romantic comedies of late.  It is a shame she missed out on Best Actress Oscar. 

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Viewing Date
Thursday, 19th November 2015 (Richmond)


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