Ted 2 (2015)

I was nearly a fan of the first outing with the talking bear, that we know and love as Ted.  The premise was a nice gimmick on the genre usually reserved for the likes of Disney, bringing life and character to an animal.  But by stepping away from the family audience and going straight to the adult world, you open up to a lot more crude humour.

Ted 2 continues where we left off, with Ted now happily married and looking to have a baby.  However, he has to be officially and legally recognized as a person before he can progress any further.   Setting aside the whole bestiality sub plot with Ted and

Jessica Barth the story see’s them on a journey of what is basically a series of sketches.

These sketches afford you the luxury to be able to dip in and out of the movie without actually feeling you have missed anything.  I will confess to falling asleep for a little bit half way through this and never felt I had to rewind.

The story is fine enough, the only real criticism is that it is probably 30 minutes too long.  It gets to a point, where you just want it to finish.  Jokes are wearing thin and feel tired by the time 2 hrs is about to role up.   To keep a comedy fresh and engaged for that length of time requires a lot of effort.

Now that said,

Seth MacFarlane, is well known geek/nerd and his back references to things like Flash Gordon etc are clever and a nice nod.  He kicks it up a notch, when there is a whole sequence set around Comic Con in New York.  Keep an eye out in the background for the subtle cross overs and nods as they come quick and galore as Ted interacts with it all.  Clever.

Good enough comedy for a Sunday afternoon.

#96 in the series


Viewing Date
Sunday, 22nd November 2015 (Richmond)


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