Time Lapse (2014)

Three friends, who live and manage a real estate community of apartments, discover a machine from a recently deceased tenant that takes photos 24 hrs into the future and creates a Polaroid.  The machine is pointed at the living room of the friends, from across the yard.

After discovering this, they get to figure out what its all about, the boundaries and then feel they can use this for their own personal gain.   This includes placing large illicit bets with a local underground bookie.   Of course this is going to end in tears, particularly when he gets suspicious and comes over to rough them up a bit.

The premise for the movie is fantastic.  But it isn’t really explored terribly well.  The movie was obviously shot on a very tight budget, with character development and narrative being the main vehicles.  One of the biggest issues the film producers had was sourcing the necessary quantity of Polaroid, resorting to eBay to find them,

It drags on too long with a plot that once you twig you will see coming at you in a very predictable manner.  This is one of those movies that has that straight-to-Netflix written all over it.  Watch it once you have exhausted all other items in the Netflix library.

#103 in the series


Viewing Date
Sunday, 29th November 2015 (Orlando)


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Author: Alan Williamson

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