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Week’s Top Tech 8; 2nd – 7th Jan 2017

The clocks have turned, and we are now well and truly riding into 2017.  However, that wasn’t before we wrung out an extra second of 2016, as one second was added to the universal clock to fix a rounding error.

This was the week of CES, the large annual consumer show in Las Vegas to show off all the latest and greatest electronics.

  1. StackShare releases the top developer tools of 2016; JavaScript reigns supreme and WordPress powers 27% of the web sites on the web
  2. Who knew there was a train from China to Europe?  Well this week it arrived in London for the first time
  3. Faraday Cars, unveiled their first production electric car at CES in Las Vegas.  Now whether it will make it into production is a whole different conversation
  4. Amazon’s Alexa is going into everything, from Samsung Fridges to Volkswagen cars.  It was the standout hit from CES
  5. Razer released a laptop that has 3 screens that fold out to become the ultimate gaming machine on the go.  Looks freakish at first, but could make a big hit with developers
  6. In a long-term relationship?  Then you need the Kissenger a piece of rubber that lets you kiss your loved one remotely.  Marginally better than kissing the mirror
  7. Too little too late, Blackberry uses CES to release its new Android phone, complete with its iconic small keyboard.  This is what should have happened 5 years ago
  8. The well known publishing platform, Medium, is shedding 50 employees to save money as CEO declares the advertising model does not work


… and this weeks soundtrack is brought to you by Miranda Lambert from her new album Weight of my Wings.




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