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Week’s Top Tech 8; 8th – 15th Jan 2017

The second week of the year comes with a number of interesting stories that caught my attention.

  1. The car industry is trying to redefine itself in this modern day age, with Cadillac throwing its hat into the ring with a new $1500 a month service that lets you pick and choose your cars as often as you wish
  2. Those crazy Ozzy boys down under, Atlassian, have gone added to their services by buying the popular project management service, Tello service for $425M. They promise not to fiddle with it too much.
  3. The fate of Yahoo has not yet been decided as Verizon still continue their will-they-or-won’t-they game, but Mayer has resigned from the board as Yahoo is renamed Atlaba
  4. The fight for your seats in the air, JetBlue has upped the ante by offering free broadband in the air.  Come on United, do the same thing will ya?
  5. Pandora is still struggling to compete with the plethora of streaming services, as it sheds 7% of its workforce to cut costs
  6. Banana’s are on the brink of extinction if you can believe that?  Our beloved yellow fruit has developed a disease that is proving hard to beat
  7. Seems like everyone is getting into the electric car business.  James Dyson has thrown his hat into the ring.  And why not?  It isn’t a huge leap from expensive vacuum cleaners to automobile!
  8. We all know 3D printers are cool, but how about a bio 3D printer?  One that prints body parts on demand.  Star Trek future is coming faster than anyone ever predicted.


… and this weeks soundtrack was from the early 90’s, as New Kids On The Block was rediscovered as it was popped up in a YouTube evening.


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