This is what Amazon Dash should have been

Alternative to Amazon’s Dash is announced but runs on the SigFox network.

A company from Singapore has announced their version of the popular Amazon Dash button, which is just a button that is connected to the Internet and once clicked can unleash no limit of destruction – though in most cases ordering more toilet paper!

Amazon’s Dash works by connecting itself onto the local WiFi – a right old pain in the ass and something that is dragging down many a great IoT innovation.   However, alternative networks now exist that are becoming practical from a business point of view – one of those is SigFox.


UnaBiz has announced their version, which is a single button that is pre-registered on the SigFox network and costs approximately $1 per month.   While it is more expensive than Amazon’s alternative (one off cost of $5) the ease of setup cannot be underestimated.

Will/should Amazon release a SigFox version of Dash?  probably.

Author: Alan Williamson

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