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‘Internet Trends 2017’ Kleiner Perkins Report – my highlights

Here are some of my thoughts on the recently released Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends 2017 355 page report.

  • Average daily time spent online remains constant for desktop users at 2.2 hrs, where mobile time is up a little to 3.1 hrs.   This feels a little low, considering all the office workers that are sitting in front of computer all day. [src]
  • Use of ad-blockers is way higher than I imagined it would be, given 18% of USA users and 16% of UK users block ads. [src]
  • Pinterest users really love to buy when clicking on stuff, versus Facebook users who rarely purchase. [src]
  • Google loves geo-location ads, tracking over 5 billion store visits, up 5 times from the previous year. [src]
  • Hyperlocal targeting, Nextdoor for example, really drive engagement. [src]
  • User Generated Content drives 6.9x more engagement than brands themselves.  In other words, infinitely better if you can get someone else talking about you instead of yourself. [src]
  • 20% of all mobile searches were made via voice.  Much higher than I would have thought; wonder how much of that is people repeating the same phrase to get it right!   Accuracy is reaching, for Google, near the 95% mark. [src]
  • Number of parcels being shipped rose 9%, resulting in a number of landlords now being makeshift warehouses to accommodate growth. [src]
  • Retail store closings reaches 20 year record; ironically Amazon starts opening retail stores. [src]
  • 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Wal-Mart; they are experiencing large eCommerce growth.  Overall, the online retail sales is up 15%. [src]
  • Amazon’s private label of basic goods is rocketing, grabbing larger market share. [src]
  • Average age of gamers is 35; 2.6B gamers worldwide; $100B market. [src]
  • Daily minutes – Games 51mins, FaceBook 50mins, Snapchat 30mins and Instagram 21mins. [src]
  • Millennials are starting to favor eSports over traditional sports. [src]
  • Music streaming represents 52% of the revenue (vs. physical / downloadable). [src]
  • Netflix has 95MM users, and to 30% market share in only 10 years. [src]


  • YouTube and Netflix are the big juggernauts of the online video world. [src]
  • Amazon is the juggernaut of cloud computing with Azure coming a distant second.   Azure experienced a huge increase in growth in the last year. [src]
  • Spam and phishing attacks are up 350%. [src]
  • China and India are experiencing a huge GDP growth. [src]
  • 25% of Americans own a wearable device (up 12% from previous year). [src]
  • Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are the top Internet companies. [src]


A good report overall, though very little on the state of online education (healthcare was explored) and a lack of insight into the world of IoT (Internet of Things).    Not much was discussed on the impact of Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality (there was a little nod to augmented reality in the world of advertising), though suspect that is still relatively new and we haven’t really seen much of a change yet.

There doesn’t seem to be as many big surprises in this year as there was in last years I felt, which points to a general growth of everything.




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