‘Internet Trends 2017’ Kleiner Perkins Report – my highlights

My highlights of the annual Kleiner Perkins report that looks at the Internet of 2016

Here are some of my thoughts on the recently released Kleiner Perkins Internet Trends 2017 355 page report.

  • Average daily time spent online remains constant for desktop users at 2.2 hrs, where mobile time is up a little to 3.1 hrs.   This feels a little low, considering all the office workers that are sitting in front of computer all day. [src]
  • Use of ad-blockers is way higher than I imagined it would be, given 18% of USA users and 16% of UK users block ads. [src]
  • Pinterest users really love to buy when clicking on stuff, versus Facebook users who rarely purchase. [src]
  • Google loves geo-location ads, tracking over 5 billion store visits, up 5 times from the previous year. [src]
  • Hyperlocal targeting, Nextdoor for example, really drive engagement. [src]
  • User Generated Content drives 6.9x more engagement than brands themselves.  In other words, infinitely better if you can get someone else talking about you instead of yourself. [src]
  • 20% of all mobile searches were made via voice.  Much higher than I would have thought; wonder how much of that is people repeating the same phrase to get it right!   Accuracy is reaching, for Google, near the 95% mark. [src]
  • Number of parcels being shipped rose 9%, resulting in a number of landlords now being makeshift warehouses to accommodate growth. [src]
  • Retail store closings reaches 20 year record; ironically Amazon starts opening retail stores. [src]
  • 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Wal-Mart; they are experiencing large eCommerce growth.  Overall, the online retail sales is up 15%. [src]
  • Amazon’s private label of basic goods is rocketing, grabbing larger market share. [src]
  • Average age of gamers is 35; 2.6B gamers worldwide; $100B market. [src]
  • Daily minutes – Games 51mins, FaceBook 50mins, Snapchat 30mins and Instagram 21mins. [src]
  • Millennials are starting to favor eSports over traditional sports. [src]
  • Music streaming represents 52% of the revenue (vs. physical / downloadable). [src]
  • Netflix has 95MM users, and to 30% market share in only 10 years. [src]


  • YouTube and Netflix are the big juggernauts of the online video world. [src]
  • Amazon is the juggernaut of cloud computing with Azure coming a distant second.   Azure experienced a huge increase in growth in the last year. [src]
  • Spam and phishing attacks are up 350%. [src]
  • China and India are experiencing a huge GDP growth. [src]
  • 25% of Americans own a wearable device (up 12% from previous year). [src]
  • Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are the top Internet companies. [src]


A good report overall, though very little on the state of online education (healthcare was explored) and a lack of insight into the world of IoT (Internet of Things).    Not much was discussed on the impact of Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality (there was a little nod to augmented reality in the world of advertising), though suspect that is still relatively new and we haven’t really seen much of a change yet.

There doesn’t seem to be as many big surprises in this year as there was in last years I felt, which points to a general growth of everything.

Author: Alan Williamson

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