Email still the king of social networks

Around 40% of your emails are being tracked for marketing purposes.

Kyle Wiggers over at Digital Trends published a good round up of email tracking techniques deployed by most of the ad networks of the world.  From the classic 1×1 magic pixel right through to deep cookie chaining analysis.

It was discovered that around 40% of your emails are being tracked for marketing purposes.  That was a little higher than I would have thought, but this includes newsletters that you may be getting from the likes of Medium, Quora etc, as well as the typical daily/weekly emails from newspapers who rely heavily on the income from the adverts.

If you want to scrub all your email then consider using a service like Senders that basically white washes your email before delivering it to you.

The world’s most popular form of peer-to-peer messaging reached new heights in 2015, when users sent and received a collective 205 billion emails. Its growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon — analysts at the Radicati Group project that email users will exchange as many as 246 billion messages in 2019.

via Email marketers are tracking your every move, and you might not even know it

Author: Alan Williamson

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