Do you still buy e-books as much as you did?

With e-book sales dropping as much as 26% year-on-year, has the shine gone off the kindle?

This is a rather interesting statistic, showing that the sales of e-books are dropping quite dramatically.   I find this timely, as recently I have switched from buying electronic books to good old fashioned paperbacks.

According to Nielsen, e-book sales fell 16% in 2016 compared to the year previously. In young adult fiction alone, e-book sales dropped by more than 25%.

I have switched largely because there are a number of books that I wanted to share with others.   I also find that the second hand market for paperbacks is far more buoyant.   Kindle books I have found not to be as cost effective as you would first believe.

A Kindle book is extremely restrictive – you can’t lend them to someone else, nor can you gift them, and more importantly you can’t resell them.   Kindle books also don’t fill up a bookshelf – there is no satisfaction of seeing your collective reading (aka learning) over the years on a shelf.   The only real benefit of a Kindle book is its ease of transportation.

2017-06-19_14h35_48The last 2 books I actually purchased second hand from eBay, at a fraction of the cost of what was on offer from Amazon (who also offered it second hand too).  I also have the option of reselling which again, I have discovered eBay far quicker at moving items than Amazon.

I am glad the book industry isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon, especially now that I have rediscovered the joy of the printed word.

via What falling e-book sales tell us about technology in 2017

Author: Alan Williamson

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