Isolation – things I have discovered

Now on my 6th week of isolation (self after a trip to Scotland, then forced isolation), I have discovered a few things about myself.

Now on my 6th week of isolation (self after a trip to Scotland, then forced isolation), I have discovered a few things about myself.

  1. I was under the impression I was not a people person, but I miss people (hopefully a temporary side effect)
  2. Being continually with ones loved one has not been anywhere as bad as some have it; we purposely keep apart during the day and make a point of pretending to come from work around 6ish to keep some normality
  3. Doing laundry way more often than I probably need to
  4. Reduced monthly credit-card spend dramatically by getting rid of a lot of unnecessary subscriptions
  5. Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTubeTV are great online services, but very easy to get fatigued by each, so need the variety to rotate around them all is required
  6. On that, Star Trek TNG is as old to me now, as the original series was when TNG came out; (play the spot the Picard memes game)
  7. Deleting and not listening to downloaded podcasts does not make you a bad person
  8. Not watching as many movies as I would have hoped; can’t seem to concentrate on them as well as I use to
  9. BBC is one of the few news sources that does not sensationalize the news
  10. Find myself doing a lot more DIY jobs around the house (cleaned the gutters the other day)
  11. Nibbling from the kitchen has to stop, but not found an effective way to curtail that activity (Cadbury’s chocolate supply is perilously close to zero)
  12. Finally using all those soaps/shampoos collected from hotels over the years (don’t need to worry about that running low anytime soon)
  13. Video calls is way quicker and easier than writing an email
  14. Speaking of that, double chins are a fact of life (thank you video calls)
  15. Enjoying listening to the good old fashioned radio again (bandwidth free), reminds me there still is a world outside
  16. Saving a small fortune by not eating out for lunch
  17. Reading books again; dusted off my old kindle and enjoying the ideas being sparked
  18. Now that I am home, find myself talking to the dog while she spends the morning with me. (she then goes and spends afternoon with my loved one, so maybe I am talking too much. Noted).
  19. Invest in a good headset; makes said video calls way easier
  20. Amazon Chime really does blow chunks; yet another half-a-release from Amazon, I am sure it will be good in 18 months like most of their AWS offerings
  21. Google Meet continually impresses; it just works, no software required
  22. has been a surprise amusement for remote family time
  23. While video calls are great it is way harder to multi-task like you use to on conference calls
  24. Everyone wants to be your connection on LinkedIn (clearly a lot of random ‘connect’ clicking going on as people are either bored or desperate for leads)
  25. Tiger King on Netflix (no more than that needs to be said – only in America eh?)
  26. “Hello, I am your man Steve Harvey” seem to be addicted to our lunchtime show; (YouTubeTV archives has a lot to answer for)

Let us see how this looks at the 12th week mark.

Author: Alan Williamson

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